• Room 1 (dormitory)

    Room 1 (dormitory)

  • Room 1 (dormitory)

    Room 1 (dormitory)

  • Room 2

    Room 2

  • Room 3

    Room 3

  • Room 4

    Room 4

  • Room 5

    Room 5

  • Room 6

    Room 6

  • Room 7

    Room 7

  • Room 7

    Room 7

  • Room 8 (studio)

    Room 8 (studio)

  • Room 8 (studio)

    Room 8 (studio)

  • Room 8 (studio)

    Room 8 (studio)

  • Kitchen First Floor

    Kitchen First Floor

  • Bathroom First Floor

    Bathroom First Floor

  • Kitchen Ground Floor

    Kitchen Ground Floor

  • Showers Ground Floor

    Showers Ground Floor

Hostel Tralala Salento has 10 rooms for 25 guests in total.

Room 1 (the dormitory), room 2, room 6 and room 9 and 10  are located on the ground floor.

Room 3, 4, 5 and 7 are located on the first floor, with a door to the spacious veranda.

Room 8, the studio, is located in the garden.

Is the dormitory. It's actually two connected rooms, where 8 people can sleep in 3 bunk beds and 2 singles. 
Each guest gets a lockable drawer. 
25.000 COP per person (30.000 COP for one night stay)

Is a double room with a hippie-touch. There's a built-in cupboard for your belongings. A door opens out on to the patio. 
60.000 COP 

A spacious room with 3 single beds with a bathroom just around the corner. 
75.000 COP or 65.000 COP for 2 persons


NEW!  Rooms 9 and 10

A small room with a single bed and a private bathroom and your own patio.                                                              55.000 COP

A kitchen, 2 showers, a bathroom, a place to wash your own clothes by hand, a comfortable living room with another bathroom with shower and the stone stairs to the first floor and the garden. The kitchen comes with a fridge, a microwave, a juicer, a coffee machine, pots and pans, cuttlery, other stuff you need and free coffee, oil, salt and sugar. There's a supermarket close by. 

A spacious double room with a desk incase you want to work. You share a shower and bathroom with room 5.
65.000 COP                                                                                                                               

A double room with a small private bathroom. Like room 3 it has a great view. 
75.000 COP

Same as room 3, but with two single beds 
65.000 COP 

A spacious corner room with a double bed, a private bathroom and a beautiful view of the sunset. 
85.000 COP

room 8

A beautiful studio in the garden with a double bed, private bathroom and a living.
110.000 COP 

The kitchen is quite big and is as well equipped as the kitchen on the ground floor. The same goes for the bathroom with shower. Also on this floor are the washing and drying machines. And of course the garden and sun terrace with spectacular views