Things to do in Salento

  • A daytrip to the Cocora Valley
  • Visit a coffee farm
  • Horseback riding
  • Play the explosive game of tejo
  • Go for walks on your own 
  • Play billiard or shoot pool with real cowboys
  • Dance on cumbias
  • Watch birds or walk ecological trails 
  • Sit in the sun and enjoy a coffee 
  • Look for a house to buy because you want to stay

Is a village where happy people are surrounded by happy nature. It's a breathtaking place, as green as nature can be and as colourful as a village can be. Lush mountains covered with the famous wax palms, valleys with meandering rivers and a huge variety of plants and animals. 

During the week it's quiet, local cowboys do there shopping on horseback and park them in front of the billiard cafe. Children play on the central plaza, the women gossip. Everybody greets you and smiles. Even the dogs are happy, because there's always something to bark at. 

In the weekends the village fills with Colombian daytrippers out for a stroll. They look for souvenirs in the many handcraft shops, enjoy the local food and macho's show off their girlfriends. Then they go dancing and drinking.